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Wooden Toy Kitchen

A Wooden Toy Kitchen will make a great gift for your child and provides a toy that is more likely to be of better quality and maybe even with a longer life span than a standard plastic product.

A toy kitchen is just right for children who love to delve into the world of make believe and fantasy. Have you ever watched young children play together? You may be surprised to know that your child might be more likely to learn more about themselves if they play with others and use their imaginations to conjure up their fantasy play world.

While many children have been known to play alone and have fun playing with imaginary friends they are more likely to develop stronger self concepts while with others.

In their play world they have the opportunity to become something different, such as an astronaut, witch, warlock, prison guard, superhero or whatever he or she can imagine. View the Step 2 Play Kitchen for Sale.

In these make believe fantasies children are faced with pretend problems that they must somehow solve or deal with. In this way they learn to react, find out what is socially acceptable and also learn to gauge their persuasion skills with other children!

A kitchen toy is like a wonderful prop that can evoke many new possibilities and set the scene for plenty of fun play dates.

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Wooden Toy Kitchen
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This is the KidKraft Pink Wooden Kitchen Where to Buy?

Wooden Toy Kitchen Details

* Great for girls
* Accented in pink
* Made of Wood Products
* Microwave and oven can open/close
* Play salt and pepper shaker
* Play clock with hands that move
* Spoon and spatula

This is a play kitchen that is ideal for children between 36 months up to 6 years old. It has a lovely color combination of pink along with the natural wood color. It includes a little microwave and an oven below the stove that will be fun to play with because they both can open and shut. What a great way to pretend she is busy at work in the kitchen!

There is also a small sink that has plenty of storage space to place any extras (such as additional pots and pans).

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