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Wooden Shopping Cart for Pretend Play

wooden shopping cart

It’s time to cruise the grocery store with a wooden shopping cart! If your tot loves to pretend and use her imagination to cook, clean or get some household chores done like mommy and daddy then here’s the perfect accessory for her “trips” to the grocery store.

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The Wooden Toy Shopping Cart


This brightly designed and whimsical cart is a wonderful way to encourage your child to push around her own play groceries and have some fun with friends. This is a great time to encourage her to thrive by letting her use her imagination to go on shopping sprees. This little cart is ideal for children 3 years and older.

Encourage her to put her imagination to work and create her own play fantasy of a grocery store! Engage her by acting as the cashier and asking her for her money and asking questions about what she’ll be making. This is also a great time to introduce the concept of money and paying for things. A toy cash register might also be in order for this fun little wooden piece to ensure a good time pretending to shop.

This is an eco-friendly wooden toy that your child can roll along the house. The bag is removable, if needed. It’s the perfect size for little hands to add all those tasty treats she’ll pick up while grocery shopping. This cart also comes with a calculator which is perfect to start introducing math and numbers. This can be turned into quite the educational session with real life application.

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