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VW Camper Van Pop Up Play Tent


If you love VW Campers and want to give a unique and “classic” gift for your child then check out the VW Camper Play Tent! This bad boy is perfect for play time adventures in a stylish bug that will never lose its charm. Share the joy of a bug with your child and let her have some fun “driving” her new car or at least pretending to!

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VW Camper Van Pop Up Play Tent


This is one groovy play tent that will bring plenty of fun and enjoyment to your child. This is a pink VW Pop Up Play Tent that serves two functions. It can be used as an actual play tent for her to nap in or spend some of her free time playing inside and it can serve as a playhouse. Encourage her to invite her friends over and create her own imaginary world of adventures full of anything she wishes for.

Gifts like these are great because they encourage her to use her imagination and create a world of her very own. It creates a stronger sense of self and can serve as a fun spot for her to store dolls, puzzles or just place her blankets in and camp out with some play time friends!

Join in on the fun and watch her imagination come to life. Childhood is a special time and this classic looking gift is something that she may treasure and remember for years to come.


This comes in a stylish pink color that is perfect for little girls who adore this dainty hue. It’s designed in the style of a VW Camper and comes with an easy zipped entrance for smooth access in and out. It can also be folded up and stored when not in use.

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