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Vase Painting for Kids


Here’s a vase painting for kids by Mindware that will make painting a very fun and memorable experience. I think that this would make a wonderful gift for a budding artist or just a child that enjoys painting, coloring and creating.

Keep him busy with this vase painting kit and create a lovely place to keep your flowers.
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Vase Painting for Kids

In this set, you’ll receive 3 – 5 inch vases, 12 colors of porcelain paint, paintbrush, & illustrated instructions to show you how to help your child make the most of this artistic experience. All you need to do afterward is bake to keep your little one’s
work of art preserved indefinitely. One of the reasons why I favor this set over another is because they are vases and vases are fully functional and can be used over and over again. If you like this you’ll also like the cute bowl painting set.

You can use them in the future to place your prized roses or arrangements that your child might pick from you from an afternoon stroll. Imagine being able to look back years from now and see what your child created for you.

This is a new and exciting way to let your child’s creativity really shine.

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