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A Cute Toy Wooden Food Skillet Set

Toy Wooden Food Skillet Stir Fry

Prepare your child for some yummy good times in the kitchen with a Toy Wooden Food set.

If you want to introduce your child to different foods from other cultures then how about a delicious wooden stir fry set? Stir fry is a Chinese cooking technique and a fun set like this might be a great way to show your child about different foods and introduce the Chinese culture.

Read more about the Stir Frying technique on Wikipedia.

Toy Wooden Food Cooking Set

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Toy Wooden Food
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Pictured is the Stir Fry Child Chinese Play Food Set by Melissa and Doug

Toy Wooden Food Cooking Set Details

* Introduce children to different food preparation and new cultures
* Includes all wooden materials (23 pieces)
* Comes with a wooden toy knife, meat, peppers, bok choi, shrimp and mushrooms
* Also includes a set of chopsticks for learning
* Great for children over 36 months
* Includes a quality wooden skillet for fun stirring and cooking

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to introduce your child to a different culture? Try this adorable wooden skillet set to show your little one how to create a tasty stir fry dish.

This is the Melissa and Doug wooden skillet and it has plenty of healthy choices to encourage healthy eating in kids.

You will find a set of chopsticks, a wooden knife and tons of veggies from snow peas, peppers and mushrooms as well as meats like shrimp and beef for some fun variety.

She can also practice using the chopsticks for a more authentic dining experience!

Also included is the wooden skillet along with a wooden knife for chopping up those veggies and meat pieces. Find more wooden food toys for sale.

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Cute Chinese Play Food Set for Sale

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