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Toy Toaster and Kettle Set

Toy Toaster and Kettle SetAdd a realistic toy toaster and kettle set to your child’s kitchen to help him have a more realistic play cooking experience.

Toys like these encourage role playing or imaginary playtime which is a fun period in children’s lives because they get to escape into their own little world that they have created. Do you remember playing with an imaginary friend or your toys when you were little?

Take a look at this almost real looking play toaster set that your boy or girl can have a fun time in the kitchen with.

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Toy Toaster and Kettle Set

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Toy Toaster and Kettle Set
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Toy Toaster and Kettle Set Details

* A real looking play toaster set with kettle
* Features a chrome looking finish
* Has a play top on kettle and water gauge
* Play toaster comes with toy toast (2 pieces)
* Toaster also has a timer to “time” the toast making process
* Toast will magically pop out similar to real kitchen toasters
* A fun toy that encourages role playing

Are you ready for toast and a spot of tea? Your child will really enjoy this authentic looking kitchen accessory duo that looks quite real. It has a chrome looking finish, which is similar to real life kitchen accents so he can get a more realistic experience.

Your child can pop his play toast inside the the little toaster, it comes with 2 toy pieces. He simply needs to turn the little timer (which he’ll have lots of fun doing since kids just love knobs) and watch as the toast pieces pop out.

The kettle has a sturdy handle and also features a play top as well as a water spout for pouring play tea.
This will be an enjoyable gift that he’ll delight in.

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