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Children’s Toy Tea Set Sales

Do you want to buy a toy tea set for sale online so your little one can enjoy playing and pretending that she or he’s at a tea party?

It’s the little things like this that really help your child learn about interacting with others. She can also have tons of fun role playing and learning to be the most gracious host for parties.

This is the Summer Bug Tin Tea Set and it’s featured in lovely, bright and happy colors that are happy enough to put your little one in a happy mood and ready for hosting that tea party.

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This children’s tea set is recommended for those above the age of 3. The whole set is made from tin and includes a variety of little cups, plates and saucers as well as a happy tea pot ready for pouring make believe tea. View a cute plastic tea set if you want something more durable.

The teacups will come to measure about 1.8″ tall and a big plus is that they are also washable! You can feel confident that they are clean for each little “tea party” your child will want to have.

The whole set is also decorated with lovely butterflies and whimsical little dragonflies that will make tea time much more fun and festive with the wonderful colors.

This is a wonderful set to give as a gift for a little girl, boy or even older children to use in their play kitchen as it’s sturdy.

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Toy Tea Set Description

This is a 15 piece toy tea set and it includes four plates, teapot, 4 cups and saucers to sit and sip tea with as well as a pretty serving tray to keep your child organized with the set.

This is a great item to help introduce your child to make believe play and it’s something he or she might enjoy if you join in on the fun!

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