Toy Shopping Cart


It’s time to play grocery store with the toy shopping cart by Little Tikes! If your little one loves going grocery shopping with you and has fun sitting in the cart or walking along side you to find groceries then this might be a great fit.

Read on for more on this plastic shopping cart with lots of space for storing “groceries” and much more.

Little Tikes Plastic Toy Shopping Cart

* Bright colors to entice your little one to come and play
* Includes a deep basket to ensure plenty of room for a stuffed toy
* Space underneath for extra room for those “groceries”
* Made of durable plastic to withstand play
* Plastic wheels to make pushing easy and fun!

Little Tikes Toy Shopping Cart


One thing is for sure.. many children love to play make believe. Encourage your child to use his imagination and plan his grocery store trip! One great way to foster your child’s healthy sense of self is to give him a toy like this to engage his imagination and participate in pretend play.

With this toy, he can pretend he’s shopping at the grocery store and being responsible for bringing home those delicious morsels of food for the family!

Set up a grocery store in his bedroom or the living room and have him go down the aisles and pick out groceries! This is also a wonderful way to help him learn about colors and numbers as well as assist him to fine tune his hand eye coordination. He can practice tossing things in the basket and picking them out!

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