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Toy Refrigerator for Playtime

Do you need a toy refrigerator to complete your child’s play kitchen?

Some kitchens do not come with an extra fridge and the one below is actually an Educo and it’s fairly large enough for any standard toy kitchen set.

Toy kitchen sets and toy fridges are excellent developmental toys. They allow your tot to sit and practice their dexterity and allow for social interaction if they play with friends!

One of the things about being a kid is that children get to flex their mind muscles and use their wild imaginations to delve into make believe worlds of their own making.

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Toy Refrigerator Details

* For children from 36 months – 7 years
* Fun for toddlers and older kids too
* Has a built in play ice maker
* Assembly is easy/ comes with an Allen wrench
* White wood cabinet/fridge

This is a pretty stylish cabinet toy that can also serve as a refrigerator for children’s kitchens! Now your little one can play along and peek in her own fridge to find all those play tasty treats and prepare to cook something yummy in her play kitchen.

A refrigerator toy is the perfect companion to a kitchen that doesn’t offer a fridge or cabinet for storage. Yes, there are quite a few out there. So if you are looking to expand your child’s toy kitchen then this might be a great option. It’s been constructed from wood and is shown in pretty white color.

This will fit right in with the Educo Gourmet White Kitchen. A super cute feature that this toy refrigerator has is a built right in ice dispenser that requires the press of a button and the play ice cubes will pop right out and into a cup. Your child might love this super cute feature and it’s a fun find.

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