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Toy Porcelain Tea Set

Find an adorable toy porcelain tea set for sale online that your child can enjoy playing with. You can join in on the fun too and accompany your little boy or girl to a fun tea party created using the imagination.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of observing a child while they are playing then it can bring back wonderful memories and allow you to marvel at the wonder of being little again.

A tea set for a child is a great way to encourage her (or him) to learn to practice socializing with others and a wonderful start to fostering imaginative play!

Imaginative play, as you might have guessed, is when children use their imaginations to create a fantasy world for themselves or even with other children.

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Sociodramatic play occurs when children play specific roles, for example, that of a fairy princess or a queen or king sitting down to drink tea.

Playing with other children should always be encouraged and a toy porcelain tea set is a great way to get the party started.

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Toy Porcelain Tea Set for Sale
Where to Buy this Kids Tea Set Online

Pictured is the Just Like Home Porcelain Tea Set.

Toy Porcelain Tea Set Details

This is a tea set that is appropriate for children over 8 years old. It is a porcelain set in a pretty color scheme and it includes 12 pieces.

This set contains a teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, 4 tea cups and saucers. Encourage your child to play with others and get a gift that she can use for years and enjoy creating a make believe fantasy world.

What You Get

* 12 Piece Toy tea set
* A toy appropriate for children over 8 years
* Great gift idea for children
* Teapot, tea cups, saucers and creamer with sugar bowl

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