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Toy Pizza Play Set

Toy Pizza Play Set

Add a toy pizza play set to your tot’s kitchen to give her some fun play meals to make and serve for you and the family during her play time.

How about a fun play pizza pie toy that your child can actually serve? Take a look at the details below on this quick pizza toy that kids will enjoy.

Toy Pizza Play Set Fun

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Toy Pizza Play Set
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Pictured is the Small World Living Toys My-Oh-My Pizza Pie

Toy Pizza Play Set Information

* A fun pizza party set of 6 slices
* Pieces have velcro to stick together
* 11 Piece party set
* Comes with cheese and red pepper container
* Includes a real looking deep dish pizza pan
* Spatula and pizza cutter

Is it pizza time yet? Now just about every day can be a pizza day for children who love it, and what child doesn’t love pizza? This pizza set has a total of 11 pieces including the pizza which breaks into 6 slices, pizza pan, spatula, pizza cutter and the pepper and cheese shakers.

Your boy or girl can pretend they own their own pizza restaurant and serve up their “homemade” creation. Have some fun right along with your child and encourage him to use his imagination and be whatever he wants to be.

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