Toy Mailbox

If you have a little one that’s into role playing then a toy mailbox will make a wonderful addition to your child’s toy set.

Toy Mailbox

One of the fondest parts of childhood that adults may love to look back on is all the games and fun times where they made up complete worlds of their own. Using the imagination and participating in role playing is what being a kid is all about!

This is one activity that children can make good use of and it serves to help them get to know themselves better.

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Toy Mailbox

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Toy Mailbox
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Toy Mailbox Details

* Play mailbox with several slots
* Kids can practice “sorting” the mail
* Children can have fun inserting the envelopes
* Encourage kids to play make believe “mailman”

Who wants to play mailman or mailwoman? This is one fun toy that you can even play along with. Show your child how to sort their mail, letters and they can learn all at the same time.

This is a fun chance to help kids perfect the alphabet, work on counting, color recognition and fine tune their hand/eye coordination. Get ready to get to work in the post office!

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