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Welcome to the world of Toy Kitchens ! If you have a child that loves to play games and even pretend that he is cooking up a storm with pots and pans then buy a play kitchen that he can get hours and hours of fun time from.

Regardless of whether your child is into make believe or imaginary play yet, kitchen sets have a fun way of bringing out the child in just about everyone. Even adults can delight in playing right along with children and letting kids show them the way around the kitchen can be a very fun experience.

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Pictured above is the American Plastic Toy My Very Own Kitchen for Sale Online

Toy Kitchen Details

What’s so fun about this set? For one, it’s one of the cheapest sets available but that’s not what really distinguishes this set from others.

This is a compact size kitchen that is just right for children starting at 24 months and upward. It’s an ideal model if you have multiple children in your home that enjoy playing together because the small ones can play right alongside their older siblings.

The My Toy Kitchen is a 19 piece set and includes some imitation pieces such as a microwave, a range, grill area, convection oven, a dish organizer and lots of shelf space for storing those all important pots and pans for your child to make fun play concoctions.

Details on What You Get

* Play cell phone
* Pots and pans
* Cooking utensils
* Microwave, grill range, oven
* Silverware
* A great gift for children
* A small sized play kitchen

This is one of the smaller toy kitchens available and measures 19-1/4″ x 8-1/4″ x 28-3/4″ so it’s ideal for those with limited space.

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