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Toy Kitchen Mixer

Get ready for some blending fun with a toy kitchen mixer for your child’s play kitchen set.

Toy Kitchen Mixer

There is nothing quite like playing in a toy kitchen with little accessories when you’re a kid.

I know because I used to have one and to this day I still remember how much fun it was. Did you know that kids can learn more about themselves and their peers by interacting with each other during imaginary play?

This is why these types of play scenarios should really be encouraged, kids learn and grow while role playing and they can develop a stronger self concept.

Add a toy that will help him grow as a person while he has fun at the same time!

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Toy Kitchen Mixer Set

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Toy Kitchen Mixer
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Toy Kitchen Mixer Details

* Set of 2 toy appliances
* Require batteries to operate
* Will hold real liquids for more real life fun
* Makes operating noises kids will enjoy

You really can encourage your child to “play with his food,” with this fun mixing set. This is a mixing pair that will make some realistic sounds that children might really get a kick out of. You might also want to add a child picnic table to their play set.

This set above includes a fun blender as well as a mixer for baking all those play cookies and desserts for the family.

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