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Toy Kitchen Appliances

Toy kitchen appliances are must have accessories for a child’s toy kitchen.

What’s the point of having a play kitchen set that doesn’t have any fun play pots and pans to cook with?

Give your child some more fun kitchen accessories that he can use to pretend that he is head chef of his own restaurant!

Do you remember playing tea time or did you ever have a play kitchen? If you did then you might remember spending some fun times there and the minutes can really pass you by and turn into hours can’t they?

Give your little boy or girl a fun filled childhood starting with this fun kitchen addition.

Toy Kitchen Appliances Set

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Toy Kitchen Appliances
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Pictured above is the Theo Klein Braun Kitchen Set

Toy Kitchen Appliances Set Details

* Acceptable for children from 36 months to 7 years old
* Perfect for encouraging your child to use his imagination
* Includes a play Braun Coffee Maker with option to add water
* Toy coffee maker will create a fun brewing sound (requires batteries)
* Includes pasta spoon, pizza cutter, ladle, spoon with a skimmer
* Fun toys for use in his play kitchen set

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Get ready to listen to your child cook up a storm of tasty play food concoctions. This accessory set will make it even easier to engage his imagination and encourage more interaction with his friends that he has over.

Children can have tons of fun with these little kitchen toys because they get the chance to really feel like they are cooking in the kitchen just like mom and dad does.

What’s fun about this accessory set is it has a play coffee maker that will make real brewing sounds that may delight your little one! All you need to do is add the batteries for the fun to begin.

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