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Toy Grill Play Set

Toy Grill Play Set Are you ready to buy a Toy Grill Play Set for your little boy or girl? Introduce your youngster to the fine art of grilling in the great outdoors with an Educo Grill.

Children enjoy playing make believe because they have a great opportunity to be creative and express themselves. They should always be encouraged to play make believe and to participate in little games with their playmates. This provides them with a wonderful opportunity to build their self confidence, independence and a strong sense of self.

Toy Grill Play Set

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Toy Grill Play Set
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Pictured is the Educo My Backyard Bbq Set

Toy Grill Play Set Details

* Great for children over 3 years
* Children will love its realistic appearance
* Hood of grill will open and close
* Features “hot” looking coals beneath the grill area

The Educo My Backyard BBQ Set is a playful grill that your child will have a lot of fun with because this stand up grill looks quite real. It features a hood that will open and close so your little boy or girl can feel like they are really smoking up some delicious meat and veggies on the grill.

It has a grill and underneath a very real looking surface of “hot” looking coals that children may love. It has a handy side tray that can fold in to keep it simple and it’s ideal for preparing those tasty goodies to be fired up. It also contains an underneath storage rack which is perfect for holding extra pots or pans or more toy food you wish to add to this sophisticated child’s toy.

There are several front knobs on the grill that children will enjoy moving around that will add to the fun of cooking their play food!

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