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Fun and Cute Toy Dishes for Boys and Girls

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Do you need some unisex Toy Dishes for Boys and Girls? If you need dishes that aren’t gender specific add this playful cookware set to your children’s toy kitchen for a whole lot of fun for little boys and girls.

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Pictured is the Color Fun Cookware Set

Toy Dishes Set Details

* A large play dish set for boys and girls
* Purple and blue colors- great for boys!
* Comes with 35 pieces of cookware
* Will serve 4

This is one dish set that all children can play with without feeling silly. It is available in a nice purple and blue hue with other light green accessories as well as a bit of orange thrown in.

The Color Fun Cookware set is fairly large and has 35 pieces that will give your child lots to do. Included are items such as a tea pot, pots, utensil holder, a small rack to hold the larger utensils and a toy dish rack!

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