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Toy Coffee Maker

Toy Coffee Maker

A Toy Coffee Maker might be just what your child needs for his play kitchen set.

Play kitchen accessories can help encourage make believe play.

The more interaction the better and this little coffee maker is perfect because it offers real dripping of the “coffee” as well as fun sounds your child may love.

If you want to get your child excited about working in the kitchen then give him a real interactive toy that he can maneuver and press buttons on as well as see results with the push of a button.

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Toy Coffee Maker

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Toy Coffee Maker
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Toy Coffee Maker Details

* Will make brewing sounds with the press of a button
* Play coffee will drip down during the brewing cycle
* Add water to start the brewing process
* Colorful and bright exterior that will attract kids
* A realistic coffee maker toy that children will love
* Requires batteries for operation
* Great kitchen accessory for a child’s kitchen

Now your child can pretend he’s really brewing his own cup of coffee just like you do. This is a fun toy that will give him the real feeling of preparing something tasty in the kitchen.

It requires battery to operate and with the press of a button it will make brewing sounds that sound just like the real thing.

Pour some water into the canister and with another press of the button then the “brewing” will start and your child can see it fall into the carafe which he might love since it will give him a much more realistic experience.

With all the brewing noises in addition to the “coffee” falling into the canister this may just be a top kitchen toy that your child will love.

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