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Toy Cash Registers If you are hunting for some top toy cash registers then browse around to find just the right one for your child.

Toy registers are wonderful tools that can prove quite useful when you want to teach counting and are interested in teaching children about money and coins or even discuss the concept of saving!

They are also perfect devices for encouraging kids to participate in make believe play. Find out more about this register below to see if it fits the bill for your child’s needs at his particular learning stage.
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Teaching Cash Register Toy
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This is the Zillionz Talking Cash Register

Details on this Cash Register

* Ideal for children between 4 to 12 years old
* Will make the signature cha-ching noise that kids love
* LCD screen for displaying numbers that are rung up
* Can read bar codes and scan (bar codes provided)
* Comes with pretend money and coins for fun play
* Microphone system

What can be more enjoyable than playing store with this fun interactive toy?

Let your child have plenty of imaginary play time with this cashier toy that will make the signature “cha ching” sound when the drawer is opened.

Your child will delight in opening and closing the drawer and can have plenty of fun with the bar code scanner that can actually read the bar codes provided!

The register also includes an interesting talking mechanism that your child can use to “overhead page” people in his “store.”

It does require 4 AA batteries to operate and might be a wonderfully interesting addition to your child’s play set. It will definitely encourage more make believe and is a fun device for multiple children in a home so they can play together and learn at the same time.

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