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One of the Cutest Tea Sets for Children

If you need some tea sets for children then take a look throughout this entire section to find the one that will be a big hit at playtime.

Having tea parties and pretending is a wonderful way for your child to learn to socialize and interact with peers. Social play should be encouraged in children because it can actually help a child develop a strong self concept.

A fun tea set is a wonderful way to add some great opportunities for your child to imagine and play make believe with herself or others as well!

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The featured tea set above is recommended for children over the age of three. It is available in several happy colors and each little teacup is a different color. Not all colors will be exactly the same.

Details of this Tea Set

* 13 Piece Porcelain Set
* Has an authentic and old fashioned look to it for hours of fun
* Comes with 4 cups, 4 tea saucers, teapot, sugar bowl and creamer
* Cups will measure 1 and 1/4″ tall and are larger than most children’s sets
* Have real tea parties with real juices or milk
* Perfect for serving snacks and treats to children

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This is an adorably old fashioned looking tea set that your child might love if she wants a fun and authentic tea party experience. This is a porcelain set and it has thirteen pieces included. You will find a set of four cups, four saucers, teapot with lid as well as a little bowl for sugar and a creamer pot.

Are you ready for a real tea party with your child? If so then this happy and colorful arrangement might be a winner for your home.

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