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Tea Set Basket

Find an adorable tea set basket for your boy or girl to enjoy spending some quality play time with!

Tea Set Basket

It’s time for an afternoon spot of tea! If you remember playing imaginary games when you were little or enjoying tea parties with your toys, then you may be thinking about passing along those wonderful memories to your child.

Children can benefit immensely from imaginary play/ role playing games. It’s a way for them to learn more about themselves and develop a stronger self concept. Do you think this will come in handy for her as an adult?

The answer is, yes! Encourage more imaginary play time with other children and watch her grow and learn as she has some fun at the same time.

Tea Set Basket

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tea set basket
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Featured is the Daisy Pink Basket Tea Party Set

Tea Set Basket Details

* Comes with a handy and pretty basket in pink
* Arrives with 20 pieces
* 4 teacups, saucers, and matching napkins
* A Decorative set for fun tea parties!
* Comes with matching stirring spoons

This sweet and whimsical tea set is appropriate for youngsters who love tea parties! Get your child used to the art of tea and let her or him practice his fine motor skills as she picks up the saucers and holds the teapot and pretends to pour.

This tea party set comes with a teapot with lid that has a pretty floral decoration on the front, it also comes with 4 saucers as well as matching teacups to complete service for 4 children.

Kids can pretend that they are at a real tea party with the matching little napkins and pretty pink spoons. It all fits nicely and stores easily in the basket so you don’t have to ever worry about losing the pieces. It’s the perfect gift for girls who love pink.

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