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Toy Tea Party Sets for Boys and Girls

Find toy tea party sets that aren’t just for girls but boys too! Unisex tea sets that don’t have pink, flowers or any other gender specific colors or patterns can be purchased for little boys to have tons of fun as well.

Boys can learn a lot from playing tea party with others or just with their toys so a tea set should not be discounted as a great gift for a little tyke.

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What Can Little Boys Learn from Playing?

All children benefit from playing make believe and role playing as it gives them a chance to form a strong self concept and they also can learn from playing and interacting with other children!

Boys as well as little girls can learn to share, socialize and learn good manners. It’s never too early to give them a good head start with a top toy.

Get the Details on this Toy

Featured in the photo is the Plan toy tea set. This tea set is recommended for kids over the age of three as it contains smaller parts.

With this adorable set you will receive a tea pot, sugar bowl, milk pitcher, 2 tea cups, 2 saucers, 2 teaspoons and 2 teabags for some fun make believe tea making action. Also included are 2 pieces of sugar for even more options during those exciting tea parties.

This tea set is made of wood from actual rubber trees and the company’s manufacturing process was specifically crafted for reducing waste and saving as much energy as possible.

This is a green toy and is made from biodegradable products “wood” and is suitable for those parents who care about the environment and are concerned with conservation.

It’s also a top toy that your little boy might just love!

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