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Step 2 Play Kitchen

Buy a Step 2 Play Kitchen that your child will love spending hours with.

What is the lure of the toy kitchen anyway? Play kitchen sets are not only a fun way to encourage your child to use her imagination and create her own dream world but it’s also a great opportunity to encourage play with others.

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Children love to play make believe and immerse themselves in their own made up worlds. It’s a time to explore, learn new things, solve pretend problems and learn more about themselves.

If youngsters play with each other then there is a good chance they will more fully develop stronger self concepts. This is due to the fact that they have opportunities to solve problems and learn more about themselves at the same time.

A child can also learn how to communicate with others and get to practice their persuasion skills. For instance, you child might be faced with a pretend problem and she or he needs to solve it and convince another child to go along with his/her plan!

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Step 2 Play Kitchen Kitchen
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Pictured is the Step 2 LifeStyle Dream Kitchen

Step 2 Play Kitchen Details

* Stylish kitchen large enough for more than one child
* Oven, microwave, stove top, play phone that makes sounds!
* Batteries required
* Comes with a 28 piece dining and pots and pan set

This is a kitchen with the works. It features a fridge, microwave, stove top, a phone to play with that actually makes sounds and plenty of storage space to keep all those pots and pans hidden when not in use.

This would make a wonderful addition to a child’s room. Just imagine all the possibilities. It also contains a frying pan and a boiling pot that make sounds!

Your child will be delighted with how real it seems.

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