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Spider Man Toy Mask

spider man toy mask

Boys (of all ages) just LOVE Spiderman! So if you’re wondering what to get your little boy for that next big occasion then look to “Spidey” to solve your problems.

A Spider-Man Toy Mask like this one may just be a big hit with your boy. Let him pretend that he’s Spiderman with this mask and cool accessory web shooting attachment that will let him fling “webs”.

I got this for my nephew one Christmas and it was a really big hit. He loved wearing the mask.


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The Spider-Man Toy Mask


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What’s So Great About It? Features

* A “Spidey” play mask
* Comes with a “web thrower” for fun entertainment
* A wonderful prop to encourage make believe
* Re-usable stretchy webs
* The more they stretch the easier it will be for kids to use


What can I say about this fun looking Spider-Man mask with web shooter? This is one gift that I want to get for my little nephew because he just adores Spidey. This toy has some cool gadgets with it, for one, this comes with a very cute and realistic looking mask that your Spider-Man fan will get a real kick out of. Give him a fun reason to dress up and play the part!

This little toy comes with a “web thrower” that will let your kid attach the re-usable “webs” and then fling them to “trap” those criminals! What more could a Marvel fan ask for?

It should be noted that at first, the little webs are tighter than normal and your child may need some assistance adding them to the web shooter. Over time, they should stretch out, making it easier for him to do it on his own.

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