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Southwest Toy Plane Gift Set

southwest toy plane gift set
Get ready to fly the friendly skies with the Southwest Toy Plane gift set. If you have a child who dreams of flying a big, jet plane then this might be the perfect gift. Encourage your child to think about what it would be like to be in charge of his own plane. Get ready to board!

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Southwest Toy Plane Gift Set

Here’s a fun little deluxe set that is just right for children 4 and over. If your little guy or girl loves playing make believe and dreams of being the captain of his own ship then this Southwest toy set is perfect. It features a child’s captain hat that he can use when he’s ready to fly the friendly skies! It comes with a smaller model plane set featuring other small toys like warning signs, airport road sign, safety cones, shuttle bus and more. Your child will be able to have a blast setting up his “runway” and then pretend as if he’s shuttling passengers back and forth to the plane. He can even make use of the Southwest Airlines baggage vehicle. Encourage him to pretend to follow the plane onto the tarmac and simulate loading the plane up with some play luggage accessories that are also included.

In addition, there’s a jumbo toy plane included that is equipped with LED lights and will make a jet sound at the touch of a button.

Join in on the fun as well and play airline with your child. Imaginary play time is a great way for him to build his sense of self and learn to problem solve, especially if he plays with others. Either way, this is one fun set that will provide plenty of fun time and encourage him to reach for the stars!

southwest toy plane gift set

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