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Small World Living Toys Country Club Sandwich

The Small World Living Toys Country Club Sandwich is a top play toy that your children might really enjoy playing with.

Did you know that children who play imaginary games with each can learn a lot about themselves? When playing make believe kids have a way of throwing problems at each or themselves.

These are imaginary problems, of course, but they still need to be solved! These times can provide children with amazing new experiences and they get to pretend they are something else like a “master sandwich maker” or a restaurant owner in his own play kitchen.

Children can have fun with play toys like this and in addition learn good eating habits that they will keep with them for the rest of their lives!

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Small World Living Toys Country Club Sandwich
Small World Living Toys Country Club Sandwich Price

The Country Club Toy Sandwich Details

* Teach your child great eating habits
* For children over 3 years old
* Yummy play sandwich set for kids
* 20 piece set of stack-able toy food
* Sandwich has velcro for sticking of toys

Healthy play foods can show children the good foods that are great for a healthy body and lifestyle! Get him off to a good start with this fun sandwich set that boasts 20 pieces for a fun sandwich making time with little friends or siblings.

The pieces of sandwich have velcro attached to the sides which will make stacking and building the sandwich super easy and fun.

Included in this set are 2 slices of meat and 8 slices of toy bread along with cheese, lettuce, cucumbers and knife for spreading the toy margarine.

This is a great quality toy that little children will really enjoy as they can build and create their own sandwiches with each time being different!

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