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Small Tea Sets for Children

Now your child can have fun with small tea sets and spend some quality time in her own imaginary tea party world.

Small Tea Sets

Invite some of her friends along to enjoy a tea party with a mini or smaller tea set. If you have a little girl or boy who enjoys playing with plates and cups or kitchen time then a little tea set is a great gift idea for a birthday or any other special occasion.

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Do you remember playing tea party when you were little? It’s definitely a fun time for children and can give them hours of entertainment when they are allowed to immerse themselves in their own little imaginary world.

Tea time is not just reserved for little girls, but little boys can also participate in on the fun too.

During what is called sociodramatic play, children are often known to pretend that they are a character or playing a certain role, such as a mother, father or princess or fireman.

During this type of play children learn from each other and consequently learn how to react to their imaginary circumstances.

Help your child have some fun and learn at the same time by investing in a little tea set for playtime.

Small Tea Sets for Sale

Small Tea Sets
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The featured set above (middle) is the Scottie dog tea set by Schylling.

Details on this set

* 13 pieces included
* Whimsical and adorable dog design
* Wonderful gift for children
* Made out of porcelain
* Included is a tea pot with lid, cream, sugar with lid, 4 cups and 4 plates

Be aware that is particular item is a smaller tea set. To get a good idea of the capacity the cups measure 1 1/8″ tall. It’s an ideal size for children though who just want to play pretend tea time!

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