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Salad Play Food Set

salad play food set

Do you want to raise a child that eats healthy foods? Gone are the days where kids can eat fast food every day. Not only is a salad set like this acclimating your child to eating right but can also serve as a great teaching tool!

Help him learn about the food groups and about colors as well as counting! Playing can also be turned into a fun learning experience for your child. Find out how below.

A Salad Toy might make a fun and really nutritious addition to his play kitchen!


Child’s Salad Play Food Set

salad play food set
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Letting your child play with making his own salad can get him excited and used to the idea of making one in real life. Kids will often want to play with something first before actually trying it out, this might be especially true with food. Let him explore all the fun types of salads he can prepare.

This kit is also incredibly fun to start teaching him about colors and counting. Ask him what color the lettuce is, the tomato, etc. Introduce counting by asking him for 1 piece of lettuce or tomato! This is a great way to begin educating him about numbers and it can be fun as well!

Another great benefit to this play set is that he can also practice moving all the veggies with those tongs! This is great for working on his hand eye coordination as well as those fine motor skills. Happy playtime!

Salad Play Food Set Details

* Made of durable and soft material
* Ideal for kids over 2 years
* Comes with 4 small bowls, 1 bigger bowl and tongs
* Assorted vegetables that make putting together a salad fun

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