Role Play Toys

Role play toys are those that will encourage your child to use his or her imagination to dream that she’s something or someone else. It can include dress up clothes, costumes, props for playing a role and much more.

Browse the top picks and find a suitable toy that your child will enjoy playing with.

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Toy Shopping Cart


It’s time to play grocery store with the toy shopping cart by Little Tikes! If your little one loves going grocery shopping with you and has fun sitting in the cart or walking along side you to find groceries then this might be a great fit. Read on for more […] Toy Details

Cute Plastic Tea Set


This plastic tea set is perfect for children over the age of 3 years. There’s no better time than tea time and your child will just love sitting down and pretending that he or she is having a fun party with friends, both imaginary and real! Let’s learn more about […] Toy Details

Toy Wooden Train

toy wooden train

A toy wooden train set will get your little one excited for imaginary playtime! Did you ever play with wooden toys when you were a kid? Now your child can create memories of his own with a fun, little Wooden Animal Train Circus set. Take a look at the details! […] Toy Details

Baby Stroller Toy

baby stroller toy

Does your little girl love to play with dolls? A baby stroller toy might be something she’ll really love to help her fit in to her “mommy” role. It’s toys like these that can really encourage role playing in little ones. Give your child something fun that will help her […] Toy Details

Cleaning Trolley Toy


It’s time to clean with the cleaning trolley toy! I think this toy is a great idea because it’s not just a toy but will help to teach your child about cleaning up after himself at a very young age and all while having fun! Find Out More About This […] Toy Details

Southwest Toy Plane Gift Set

southwest toy plane gift set

Get ready to fly the friendly skies with the Southwest Toy Plane gift set. If you have a child who dreams of flying a big, jet plane then this might be the perfect gift. Encourage your child to think about what it would be like to be in charge of […] Toy Details

Lego Coast Guard Patrol

The Lego Coast Guard Patrol is one fun activity toy that will give your child plenty of creative inspiration. Encourage her to explore the high seas and become a master builder with this fun little Coast Guard set. Check out more Lego themed toys!        More Lego Building Block Toys […] Toy Details

Wooden Shopping Cart for Pretend Play

wooden shopping cart

It’s time to cruise the grocery store with a wooden shopping cart! If your tot loves to pretend and use her imagination to cook, clean or get some household chores done like mommy and daddy then here’s the perfect accessory for her “trips” to the grocery store. Browse More Toy […] Toy Details

Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit


(Cue the Jaws theme song) Does your kid love sharks? Boys and girls alike can benefit from the Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit. This is one little kit that he will really enjoy exploring and you probably will too! It’s not only fun for him but it’s also educational! Turn […] Toy Details

Toy Mailbox

Toy Mailbox

If you have a little one that’s into role playing then a toy mailbox will make a wonderful addition to your child’s toy set. One of the fondest parts of childhood that adults may love to look back on is all the games and fun times where they made up […] Toy Details