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Rise and Shine Breakfast Toy Food

Rise and Shine Breakfast Toy Food

The Rise and Shine Breakfast Toy Food is one absolutely adorable and quite realistic play food toy that looks good enough to eat!

If you want to motivate your kids to use more imaginary play in their days then get them started off right with a play breakfast set that will get them excited to cook. There’s isn’t anything better than a big, hearty breakfast and this fun set has a whole lot of yummy treats to choose from for kids to work away on their fine motor skills. Get ready for something tasty. Find out more about it below.

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Rise and Shine Breakfast Toy Food

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Rise and Shine Breakfast Toy Food for Sale
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Rise and Shine Breakfast Toy Food

* A fun breakfast play set that kids will enjoy
* Includes a variety of breakfast foods
* Made of sturdy plastic
* Appropriate for children over 3 years old
* Comes with a fun toaster, griddle, spatula and serving plates

Who is ready for a delicious breakfast? The only warning about this set is that it looks so good it will most likely make you hungry! A Breakfast food set is perfect for getting children to use their imaginations and pretend that they are the master chef of their own kitchen.

It’s a fun way for kids to learn and keep themselves occupied and you can join in on the fun too. This set is best for children over the age of 3 years old. It comes with quite a few little items that they can practice with such as a cute plastic egg that actually “cracks” in two to reveal a cooked egg! How fun is that?

It also comes with a little griddle so your child can pretend he’s frying the egg, cooking the bacon or flipping a flapjack. In addition to the griddle it has a pop up toaster to make toast as well as a spatula for flipping those pancakes.

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