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Ride On Tractor Toy


The Ride on tractor toy by John Deere will make play time so fun for your tot. This model is the Sit-N-Scoot Tractor toy. If you have a little boy or girl that is fascinated with farming and the outdoors then start cultivating her love of nature!

Ride On Tractor Toy

* Children can pretend they are farming and preparing the land for crops
* Encourages a healthy sense of responsibility (more below)
* Teaches kids to appreciate the outdoors
* Comes in the signature green color of John Deere
* Lightweight and easy for your child to move around with
* Provides fun entertainment and a chance to exercise

Ride On Tractor Toy by John Deere


What can be more fun that a John Deere ride on toy? A tractor toy! If you have a budding farmer/agricultural lover on your hands then it’s time to foster her curiosity. Children love to play make believe and a ride on toy like this can encourage her to immerse herself in a fun world where she is the farmer, botanist, scientist working the field in pursuit of producing superior crops.

Not only is this a great way to promote her natural gifts and abilities but she has a chance to practice what it’s like being a farmer. Childhood is a fun time to explore and pretend. Put this ride on tractor toy to good use by using the following suggestions.

One exciting way to incorporate some imaginary play and to get her to learn more about vegetables and plants is by making a lesson out of it. Choose a crop item and show her how the plant grows, what part of the country does it do best and grow in? What’s it used for in daily life? Example: Cotton is grown in southern regions. What color is it? What can it be used for? Etc.

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