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Refrigerator Toy

Refrigerator Toy Are you shopping around for a cute refrigerator toy for your child’s kitchen?

Children love to play in real kitchens and you might have noticed this already if you’ve seen your child opening and closing the cabinets constantly. They love to peek inside (or at least try!) and see what they can get into.

Now you can find a fun toy that he can safely play with. Let him open and close the doors of his play refrigerator and let him find some joy and delight at the fun goodies you can stock inside. What would a toy kitchen be without a fun fridge to play with. He needs a spot to store all the toy food, after all!

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Refrigerator Toy

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Refrigerator Toy
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Featured is the Classic Wood Kitchen – Refrigerator

Refrigerator Toy Details

* White wooden fridge
* Great for storing play food
* Magnetic door closures
* Easy to clean with cloth
* Top freezer and bottom fridge

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