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Realistic Play Food

Realistic Play Food

If you are looking for some Realistic Play Food to add to your child’s kitchen set then take a look at some of these top play food toys that look just like you could take a bite out of them.

A play food toy is almost a necessity when you have a toy kitchen. Toy foods give your child the chance to pretend like he’s baking, cutting or chopping some yummy selections in his little kitchen. Add to his fun by incorporating some realistic looking toy foods so he can learn about eating habits and play the chef.

Learning Resources Realistic Play Food Toy

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Realistic Plastic Food
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Pictured is the Learning Resources – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Foods

Realistic Play Food Toy Details

* Set of 44 toy food items
* Made of plastic and closely resemble real food
* Non toxic
* Made of plastic for durability
* Help children engage in role play and have fun “cooking”

This is a large set of toy foods that will have your child enjoying preparing tons of little play meals either by herself or with her friends.

It features 44 toys and has yummy selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner so your child has lots of appetizing items to pick from.

Scrambled eggs, a hamburger, milk or maybe some ice cream for dessert! This is a great set that will provide hours of entertainment and have children busily creating some fun little imaginary creations.

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Add a fun, cookware playset and you have a very realistic kitchen experience!

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