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Realistic Play Food Set

realistic-play-food-set The Learning Resources New Sprouts Munch It! is a realistic play food set that will provide lots of fun for your child and encourage her to use her imagination and pretend that she’s preparing her own meals.

Not only this, but it will help instill some healthy eating habits! Get ready for fun and healthy eating.

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Munch It Realistic Play Food Set

This set includes 20 pieces and is built to be durable to withstand normal play from children. This set is ideal for children over 2 years old. Help your child build up her vocabulary by going over all the pieces, talk about colors and let her play!

Let her be just like mom and dad and help her create her own “meals” with this food set. She can make anything from sandwiches to hot dogs and learn about yummy combinations as well as put together healthy meals for herself or her little playmates.

This set includes 2 spoons, 2 slices of bread (for making a play sandwich), carrot, bowl with cereal, mini bagel, hot dog in bun, cookie, apple, banana, 2-piece muffin, berry cluster, 2 slices of cheese, bowl with macaroni and cheese, juice box, yogurt cup, orange.

All are healthy breakfast choices that will help her learn new words, colors and let her use her imagination to have fun making her own yummy breakfast.


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