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Programmable Robot Toy


This isn’t your ordinary programmable robot toy. This is called Cozmo and he’s a clever little computer that will learn with your child. If you have a child that loves puzzles, games or you just want to encourage her to take an interest in any of the STEM fields then this robot is just the ticket.

Programmable Robot Toy

* Works with the use of a phone app
* Easy to set and program
* Will evolve the more you interact!
* Will explore and learn with you
* Adapts and has his own personality

Programmable Robot Toy

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So, this toy is “programmable” in the sense that there’s an app you’ll need to download and install on your phone but other than that he’s capable of evolving and providing lots of fun entertainment from there on out!

I absolutely love the idea of this little tiny robot having his own personality. What’s fun about this robotic toy is he comes with that. He’ll actually act or seem to be annoyed when you ignore him which is so funny and an adorable little quirk that makes him seem more real.

This little guy is ready for hours of entertainment and interaction with your child or even with a grown adult! He will learn to solve problems and the more you hang out with him the more he’ll evolve and grow. This is a wonderful way to challenge your child to explore and learn about what really makes him tick.

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