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Dainty Disney Princess Tea Set

Get your little girl ready for fun with a Disney Princess Tea Set for sale below.

If your child adores the Disney Princesses and anything magical or princess themed then she might be delighted to receive this cute set with service for four.

Invite her little friends over for a party of four and let them imagine and play make believe with this adorable girls’ toy. This is the perfect little gift for girls who adore those Disney Princess characters of Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

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Princess Tea Set for Sale
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This is actually a 30 piece dinnerware set but it’s ideal for girls who love to play and sit down to parties and pretend that they’re busy in the kitchen making fun meals.

Princess Tea Set Details

* 30 piece dinnerware set
* Features Princesses: Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella
* Teapot w/ lid, creamer w/ lid, sugar bowl w/ lid, 4 tea cups
* 4 saucers, 4 plates, 4 knives and 4 spoons
* This fun Disney themed set will serve 4
* Great gift idea for a Disney party
* Appropriate for children from 36 months up to 15 years

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This is a Princess tea set that your own little princess might just love! It’s best for children between 36 months of age up to 15 years old.

Let your little girl enjoy each larger item that is decorated with a special princess on it. This is a pretty large set and is actually not just appropriate for tea parties but also playing in a kitchen as well! Find more tea sets for children.

It features many items she can play with including the signature tea pot, 4 plates, knives and spoons as well as tea cups with their own saucers.

One of the few complaints noted on this item, however, is the fact that the lids don’t necessarily match the item they go with which might pose some confusion for a very small child. Other than this it appears to be a generous dinnerware/ tea set that will prove plenty of fun for girls.

Princess Tea Party Dishes

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Get ready for a magical time and tons of fun in the world of make believe!

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