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Princess Play Tent


This beautiful princess play tent will make the prettiest addition to your little girl’s room.

Does she love to play princess? Does she like to pretend she’s queen of her bedroom? Add this pretty play tent to her play room and let her have hours of fun dreaming.

Princess Play Tent

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Do you remember being little and playing imaginary games or with imaginary friends? Now is a wonderful time to foster your child’s imagination and encourage her to use her imagination.

This durable tent will be an exciting gift for your little girl or even your little prince! It’s made of a sturdy polyester blend and is easy to set up as well as take down. So you can easily move it whenever you need to and it also comes with its own carrying bag.

Set this pretty tent up in her bedroom and toss some cute blankets and pillows inside to encourage some fun imaginary play time. Your little girl will have a great time pretending she’s a princess or can enjoy spending time with her loyal subjects!

Children that are encouraged to use their imaginations and role play will grow up to have a stronger sense of self. This is also a perfect time to encourage her to read! Let her rest on her blankets, under the tent and encourage her to immerse herself in books. Either way, this little tent has multiple benefits and will provide happy moments of fun for your child.

Pretty Princess Play Tent Details

* Pretty design that will make her feel like a princess
* Great for inside and outside play time
* Sturdy polyester blend
* Easy to put up and take down
* Perfect gift for girls or boys
* Will encourage imaginary play
* Comes with a carrying bag for easy storage

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