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Pretty Girls Tea Set

If you want a pretty girls tea set to give as a gift then browse the collection below.

Pretty Girls Tea Set

Girls can learn a lot by playing tea party. For one they get a chance to role play and have the opportunity to be someone or something else! She can pretend she’s a queen, a fairy, princess or even a made up character from her own imagination.

It’s important to know that children really do benefit from playing make believe. They actually learn more when they play with others too which is why play dates should be encouraged.

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Pretty Girls Tea Set

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Pretty Girls Tea Set
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Pretty Girls Tea Set Details

* Pretty and dainty set
* Will serve up to 4
* Cold water will look like “tea”
* Kids will enjoy the fun special effect
* Features a serving tray and accessories

If your child has enjoyed playing with some kitchen accessories then she might like this “magic” tea party set. This set will serve up to 4 children.

The cold liquid in the cup will look dark when it sits inside! This is one fun set that kids can have some fun with as she’ll feel like she’s really sitting down to a spot of afternoon tea. It includes a serving tray, 4 teacups, 4 saucers, a teapot with a lid, sugar bowl and some spoons for stirring!

To make the teacups turn back to normal all you need to do is rinse them with some warm water and they’ll revert back to normal.

The serving tray is incredibly handy because once your child is done with her tea party she can put everything on the tray and then store away on a shelf.

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