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Pretend and Play Kitchen Set

Find a fun Pretend and Play Kitchen Set that your little boy or girl can enjoy playing with.

Toy dishes, dinnerware and other fun kitchen appliances can really help set the scene for your child to enjoy playing make believe and feel like it’s real!

Children can greatly benefit from playing make believe games and participating in role playing with playmates.

This is how they learn more about themselves, their friends and the world and discover new and interesting things they never knew before.

So give your little boy or girl something to enjoy and really “get their hands dirty.” 🙂

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Pretend and Play Kitchen Set Dishes for Sale

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Pretend and Play Kitchen Set-Dishes
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Pretend and Play Kitchen Set Details

* This kitchen set is just right for boys or girls
* Primary colors
* Better for children over 3 years old
* A fun toy dishes set for children who enjoy make believe
* Made from durable plastic and strong enough for kids
* Will serve 4 children

Toy dishes are pretty much “must haves” in any respectable toy kitchen. Let your child have some fun of his own cooking his own play meals or serving his playmates or stuffed toys.

Your child might also like some play food like the ever popular Haba Biofino Assorted Play Cookies.

It’s time to encourage him to show off his cooking skills and show the world (or his stuffed toys) what a great gourmet chef he is.

This is a set that is available in the primary colors and will serve 4. It includes the standard items such as plates, forks, cups with their own saucers as well as spoons and knives for more fun time.

This is suitable for children from 7 to 11 years old. It’s made of a durable plastic and will withstand those rough cooking sessions in the play kitchen.

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Which one will you choose?

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