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Polka Dot Miniature Tin Tea Set

Polka Dot Tin Tea Set

It’s time for tea! If your child is wild about dots then add a tin tea set to her toy collection with a smattering of cute dots.

Let your child’s imagination run wild and give her some fun props to enjoy pretending like she’s the Queen of England or just having a little tea party with imaginary friends.

Kids have such wild imaginations and any kind of toys that can encourage them to be creative and have fun are well worth investing in.

Have you ever really observed children while they play make believe? There are no limits to what their little imaginations can come up with and it’s quite the sight. Find some fun sets below to help them pass time and keep them occupied.

Fun Kid’s Polka Dot Tea Set


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Polka Dot Tin Tea Set
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Product Features

* Colorful toy set for tea time
* Decorated with white dots on a red background
* Features 4 teacups and one little pot
* Serving tray and carrying case
* Makes a fun birthday gift for children

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