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Plush Alpaca Toy

alpaca-toy Aren’t these the cutest Alpacas you’ve seen? These little stuffed toys will make a fun, sweet gift for a child that loves and is interested in animals. Apart from being absolutely adorable, these toys will bring tons of fun for the little animal lover in your family. Encourage her to learn about these interesting animals, their habits and some fun facts that will fascinate her.

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So what’s the difference between a Llama and an Alpaca? According to Wikipedia , Alpacas are “considerably smaller” and because of this they were not bred to carry heavy things like Llamas were!

Alpacas are very special in that they have very soft coats that are most often used for their fiber! Did you know that baby Alpacas are called Cria? Share some of these fun facts with your child and make learning about these cute, friendly animals much more fun and interesting.

A great idea to make that happen is to turn these soft, fluffy plush toys into a fun lesson for your child and introduce her to a whole new world of different types of animals. Now is a great time to teach her about compassion, kindness and instill a healthy respect for living things.

In addition to being adorable these two Alpaca toys will provide some fun entertainment. Your child can pretend she’s a veterinarian giving her Alpacas a much needed physical. Let her imagination run wild and give her a fun way to be creative and learn something new about these unique herd animals.

These two dolls measure roughly 23 cm and will delight your little one and give her something fluffy and soft to comfort her. Great little toy for bed time.


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Add a book to make it interactive. Ask her questions and have fun learning!

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