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Play Tents Tunnels for Kids

Add some Play Tents and Tunnels to your child’s play set and give them something fun that will encourage physical activity.

Play Tents Tunnels

These days children have so many distractions from video games, texting, computers and the internet, in addition to television! No wonder kids don’t get enough exercise. Childhood obesity can be prevented by encouraging activities that promote physical exercise.

Give your child a fun play set in the form of a pop up play tent that she can crawl through and play by herself or with friends. These play tents are excellent props that encourage imaginary play as well as physical activity which is perfect for children to play in when the weather is good or bad.

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Play Tents and Tunnels for Kids

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Play tents tunnels for sale
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Play Tents and Tunnels for Kids- Details on this Tent Duo

* Large tent/ tunnel combination
* Comes with a fun ball zone
* Includes 50 balls for the zone
* Equipped with 2 tents and 2 tunnels
* Children will have fun going in and out
* Accommodates up to 6 kids

Here is a very fun activity center that will have your kids and their friends lining up to enter. This is a tent and tunnel combination play set that features a “ball zone” where kids can sit and entertain themselves while having fun with the “magic balls.”

Kids can enjoy using the crawl spaces/tunnels to enter the chamber as well as exit or have some fun just hanging out inside. There are also 2 tents surrounding the tunnels which makes it a fun activity center for multiple kids who love playing games together.

It’s constructed with bright colors and features mesh windows for airflow and to make it fun for kids to peek in from the outside. You might also be comforted with this feature as it allows you to check on the kids easily.

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