Play Kitchen Sets

View the vast array of play kitchen sets that your little one will adore. Playtime in the kitchen is a wonderful way for children to practice role playing, dramatic play and gives them a chance to socialize.

What will you encourage in your child as he or she grows up?

This is a fun time that both girls and boys can enjoy and practice building up their self concepts by engaging and interacting with playmates.

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Grill Pretend Toy for Little Chefs

Grill Pretend Toy

Add a Grill Pretend Toy to your child’s kitchen set or help him learn more about the kitchen by encouraging playing with his food! Did you know that children that play make believe with other children are much more likely to develop a stronger self concept? It may sound odd […] Toy Details

Refrigerator Toy

refrigerator toy

Are you shopping around for a cute refrigerator toy for your child’s kitchen? Children love to play in real kitchens and you might have noticed this already if you’ve seen your child opening and closing the cabinets constantly. They love to peek inside (or at least try!) and see what […] Toy Details

Toy Toaster and Kettle Set

toy toaster and kettle set

Add a realistic toy toaster and kettle set to your child’s kitchen to help him have a more realistic play cooking experience. Toys like these encourage role playing or imaginary playtime which is a fun period in children’s lives because they get to escape into their own little world that […] Toy Details

Fun Toy Kitchen Appliances

fun toy kitchen appliances

If you want some fun toy kitchen appliances that your boy or girl can enjoy playing with then take a look at the Small World Living Toys Rise & Shine Breakfast Time. Children (both girls as well as boys) love imaginative play and this is one part of playtime that […] Toy Details

Play Doh Kitchen Set

Play Doh Kitchen Set

Buy a Play Doh Kitchen Set that your child can have some fun squishing around and working on her dexterity. Where would we be without Play Doh? It’s certainly fun to play with and even adults have confessed that they love to play with. Touching and squeezing the doh is […] Toy Details

Toy Coffee Maker

Toy Coffee Maker for Sale

A Toy Coffee Maker might be just what your child needs for his play kitchen set. Play kitchen accessories can help encourage make believe play. The more interaction the better and this little coffee maker is perfect because it offers real dripping of the “coffee” as well as fun sounds […] Toy Details

A Cute Toy Wooden Food Skillet Set


Prepare your child for some yummy good times in the kitchen with a Toy Wooden Food set. If you want to introduce your child to different foods from other cultures then how about a delicious wooden stir fry set? Stir fry is a Chinese cooking technique and a fun set […] Toy Details

Braun Play Kitchen Appliance Toys

Braun Play Kitchen Appliance Toys for Sale

Do you want some Braun Play Kitchen Appliance Toys to add some fun to your child’s kitchen? Toy kitchen appliances have got to be the cutest things for a pretend kitchen for kids and Braun has an especially cool line that offers sounds and other cool gadgets that will have […] Toy Details

Play Food Birthday Cake

Play Food Birthday Cake for Sale

Find a fun Play Food Birthday Cake toy that your child will have lots of fun “cutting into” whenever he wants to! Now you don’t have to worry about your child having too many sweets with a fun play cake set. Play food is a must in any chef’s little […] Toy Details

Realistic Play Food


If you are looking for some Realistic Play Food to add to your child’s kitchen set then take a look at some of these top play food toys that look just like you could take a bite out of them. A play food toy is almost a necessity when you […] Toy Details