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Play Kitchen Pots and Pans

play-pots-and-pans Add some play kitchen pots and pans to your child’s toy room for plenty of entertainment that will have her enjoying herself.

Children that role play and use their imaginations learn the value of responsibility and learn more about themselves and can get a sense of pride from their achievements while playing. During imaginary and role play, children learn to test limits, practice delegating as well as learn how to interact with other youngsters.

More About These Play Kitchen Pots and Pans!

Play Kitchen Pots and Pans

Do you remember being little and playing games or using your imagination? It was certainly a fun time wasn’t it? The great thing about this little pot and pan set is that your child can pretend that he’s a little chef running his own restaurant! Encourage him to use his imagination and pretend that he’s serving 5 star meals to his customers (i.e.- you!).

This can be a lot of fun for your both or just him solo. He can pretend he’s on his own cooking show on the Food Network and describe all the fabulous meals he’s making.

This set includes 4 different sized pots and pans. 1 pot as well as 1 of the pans come with a cover. These are sturdy and are made of metal for a more realistic feel for the budding chef in your family.

Included are also 4 metal cooking utensils that measure about 5″ long.


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