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Play Kitchen Food Puzzle Pies

play kitchen food for math

The play kitchen food puzzle pies by Learning Resources will make playtime fun and educational! If you’re all ready to help your child start counting early then this food toy will be a fun experience that he’ll really enjoy. Play along with him and encourage his math building skills.

Let’s make learning fractions fun! Read on for more on this cute food toy.

Puzzle Pies Play Kitchen Food Details

* Colorful and cheery puzzle pies are removable from the pan
* Kids can pretend they are “cutting” their pies and serve them!
* Easy way for kids to learn fractions
* Encourages imaginary play and makes learning math fun!
* Pies measure halves, thirds and fourths

Learning Resources Puzzle Pies to Help Learn Fractions

play kitchen food for math
Puzzle Pies to Make Learning Fractions Fun!

What caught my attention the most on this toy was the fact that the pieces of pies can actually be removed from the pie pans! Not only can your child use these fun fruit pies to “bake” his heart out in his play kitchen but he can also learn more about fractions.

This is a great time to use playtime as a learning experience. For example, use the pie where the pieces can split in 2 parts. Have him remove one of them. You can then ask him something like, “How many pieces of pie are left over in the pie pan?”

You can then show him that there is 1 piece left which represents HALF of the pie. Add the second piece back in and then it is a whole piece again! Repeat with some of the other pies until the concepts of half, third and fourths are understood to him.

He’ll eventually understand and have fun serving you half, a third or a fourth of the pies!

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