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Play Kitchen Blender Set

Hunt for a wooden play kitchen blender set with other appliances to complete your kid’s wooden toy kitchen.

There is something about a natural wooden toy that makes you feel better about handing it over to your child. Wooden toys seem to have more longevity than their plastic counterparts but they also have such a clean look to them. Many wooden toy sets also feel smooth to the touch and are really built to last for years.

Children adore playing make believe games and using their imaginations to create fantasy worlds of their own. Imaginary play is a great way to help a child to not only learn more about himself but encourage social interaction with other children of similar ages.

Playing with others will encourage development of a strong self concept and give him an opportunity to solve play problems and also convince friends of his position.

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Play Kitchen Blender Set
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Pictured above is the Kitchen Pastel Wooden Play Food Set

Play Kitchen Blender Set Details

* Made of wood
* Contains a blender/smoothie maker, coffee, toaster and baking mixer set
* Featured in pretty pastel colors in pink and yellow with natural wood finish
* Durable and great quality toy to last
* Kids will enjoy playing with entire set

This is not your everyday play food set! Does your child enjoy playtime in his toy kitchen set? If he loves to chop, slice and dice food then this would make a wonderful addition to either a wooden or plastic type kitchen set.

It is a set of 4 that features a coffee maker, smooth set/blender, toaster set as well as a fun mixing baking set. Your child can imagine he is baking cakes, cookies or just sitting down for a cup of coffee during his “lunch break.”

With this fun play set, he will spend hours on end entertaining himself or you with fun, delicious play meals.

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