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Play Kitchen Appliances

Do you need some play kitchen appliances to complete your child’s toy kitchen? View the sales and deals on the available toy appliances right here.

Children just love playing with toys and the more real they are the better. If you have a kitchen set that your child adores playing with then you can add to your child’s fun by adding some accessories.

Most kitchens will only come equipped with items such as refrigerators, stoves, sinks and cabinets. It is rare for them to come fully stocked with extra accessories such as a coffee maker, blender or even a toaster oven.

The more items you child has in the kitchen can make the whole cooking experience seem more real. Let your child escape to a fun world of imaginary play and encourage socialization with some simple kitchen tools!

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Play Kitchen Appliances
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Pictured above is the Action Fun Appliances Combo Set.

Play Kitchen Appliance Information

* Recommended for children over 3 years old
* Includes blender, toaster, mixer and coffee maker
* Made of plastic
* Coffee maker really dispenses liquid!
* Require AA batteries to operate
* Realistic fun for kids who are crazy for cooking

Get ready for a really fun time with these almost real looking appliances that have been made to imitate the real thing only this set is just for children!

Now your little boy can enjoy brewing his own cup of coffee just like mom and dad does! The great thing about this set is that it’s not pink or doesn’t have flowery designs so it’s the ideal set for both boys and girls.

The toaster will pop up play toast to imitate the real thing. Your child will enjoy cooking his own breakfast or dinner with his play accessories!

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