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Play Food Birthday Cake

Play Food Birthday Cake Find a fun Play Food Birthday Cake toy that your child will have lots of fun “cutting into” whenever he wants to!

Now you don’t have to worry about your child having too many sweets with a fun play cake set.

Play food is a must in any chef’s little kitchen. Children enjoy manipulating items and small toys like these can help them really get into the make believe atmosphere plus help with their hand and eye coordination.

If you have a child who loves to role playing then give him a very fun prop that he can use every day to Bake Something Special Just for You.

Play Food Birthday Cake Toy

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Play Food Birthday Cake
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Featured is the Melissa and Doug Tiered Special Occasion Cake

Play Food Birthday Cake Toy Details

* 3 Tiered Toy Cake
* “Frosted” in pink
* Comes with 2 cake toppers to choose from
* Made of wood
* Comes with a server and a cake plate
* A fun toy that allows imaginary play and encourages make believe

Here is the three tiered wooden cake toy by Melissa and Doug. It has a pink exterior and what makes it even more fun is that your child can choose between 2 different cake toppers. There is a cute bride and groom (pretend wedding anyone?) or he can choose a floral topper for a play birthday party.

There are various little decorations that your child can pick from and he may just love arranging and rearranging the cake toppers. He can spend lots of time in his play kitchen or with those pots and pans and plates to serve something special to his friends or family.

This will also make a great addition to any child’s tea set collection.

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