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Play Doh Set Sweet Bakin Creations

Play Doh Set Sweet Bakin Creations It’s time to bake with the Play Doh Set Sweet Bakin Creations!

This little Play Doh Set is just right for youngsters who love to “bake” and want to make food just like mom and dad do.

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Play Doh Set Sweet Bakin Creations

This wonderful Play Doh Set is a fun little bake shop that will give your child plenty of fun “baking” tools to help him make a yummy dessert, “homemade from scratch”! It’s no secret that kids just love Play Doh and now your little one can have plenty of memorable experiences creating something delicious.

This set comes with over 10 accessories. It’s equipped with rollers to roll the play doh, several molds to make cookies, cakes and more, 4 Play Doh cans in different colors. Included you’ll also find a small fun oven so your child can pretend he’s actually making some delicious baked goods! There is also a icing presser to use to top those cakes and cupcakes and make them look as real as can be.

Let him put his culinary skills to use and let him bake you a cake and decorate it like a real cake. Children will delight with this set because it gives a pretend baking experience that will keep him entertained and engaged. He can make cookies, cakes and tasty tea biscuits and even decorate them!

Encourage him to use his imagination to bake anything with the fun molds and then he can have a small “bake sale” and sell his creations to you. This is a fun toy that will really create an exciting experience and give him a creative outlet to make something lovely. It’s all for fun and Play Doh can be re-used over and over again.

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