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Play Doh Kitchen Set

Play Doh Kitchen Set

Buy a Play Doh Kitchen Set that your child can have some fun squishing around and working on her dexterity.

Where would we be without Play Doh? It’s certainly fun to play with and even adults have confessed that they love to play with.

Touching and squeezing the doh is just fun and it can give your child a chance to practice her hand eye coordination while playing with the set as well as keep her busy having fun preparing her Play Doh food!

Play Doh Kitchen Set for Sale

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Play Doh Kitchen Set
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Play Doh Kitchen Set Details

* Includes a toy kitchen
* Molds for making shapes of food
* Kitchen tools can be hung on back to stay organized and tidy
* 10 Recipe cards are included

This set is made so your child can create her own little play meals using Play Doh. It has a lot of cute tools that she’ll love playing with including frying pan, spatula, kitchen range and little oven for some creative imaginary play.

This includes 20 pieces which gives your little boy or girl lots of items to keep them entertained. You will also find molds to sculpt the doh into fun shapes like french fries, ham and even vegetables for delicious play treats.

This is a convenient play toy that will also keep all the items nice and organized because the little kitchen tools can be hung in the back of the kitchen once your child is all done playing for the day.

Teach her to clean up after herself and learn to stay neat by showing her how to put all the items back in their rightful place.

You will also find 10 recipe cards so she can play and create her own pretend recipes! This Play Doh Toy Set is one that children will enjoy and will make a great gift for youngsters who love playing imaginary games and role playing.

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